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Flowwa is a survivor-led, Not-For-Profit organisation that runs art and wellness workshops, nature retreats and peer support groups for violence survivors. 


From the beginning, our mission has always been about inspiring self-love and empathy, helping them heal, grow and express their 'authentic self' freely. 


Like all kinds of flowers in nature, everyone's journeys of healing and growing is unique and everyone has an important role to play in our community. 


Flowwa is rooted in the Japanese belief that honours nature and that humans are equal residents of this planet among all creatures of nature. It's in our name "Flow-wa" - 'Wa' in Japanese means 'Harmony' and 'Community' and is the sound of amazement, wonders and appreciation. 

Flowwa (formerly known as Wisdom Within)

Why Wisdom Within? 

Our Promises 

 1. Survivor's insights


As a survivor-led organisation who choose to work on root causes to heal from trauma rather than merely manage symptoms, we value the insights the survivor has that developed over time from their own experiences. We trust them, and adjust our supportive ways to meet their expectations.  ​

 2. Safe place for anyone ​


The safe environment helps clients feel seen and heard. This nurtures their innate vitality and self-esteem which leads to creativity, foresight, strategic thinking, and productivity, which we believe are the fundamental mental strengths in trauma recovery and/or social reintegration. ​

 3. ​Equal partnership​


We see our clients as our allies with whom we work towards the shared goals. We are on a same platform, to treat one another with respect and admiration, from a survivor to a survivor. We are non-judgemental, humble, lifelong learners. Btw, not only humans, but also we view other animal, plants, bugs, all creatures equal residents of our shared planet. You'll see that this idea is prominent in all of our workshops/programs. 

Purple Flower

Our Role in Community

Our mission is to replace fear with joy in the healing journey each one of us are taking. Everyone's experience is different, and their own unique ways to heal and grow are different.


Our role in the society is to provide a safe, joy-filled space where, no matter who they are, they feel supported and inspired by one another. This is a place where they'll feel naturally at ease with themselves, as well as feel ready and empowered to take on a new journey to get to wherever they want to be. 

Our hope for the world is that, through the transformations of the survivors seen at

Wisdom Within, more people will feel encouraged to take the 'timely' first step, whenever they need help. Our environment will feel familiar to you, as you surround yourself with nature and rediscover the wisdom, resourcefulness and creativity that you've always had within you


Workshops are offered in person in following areas during 2021; 

  • Melbourne 

  • Geelong 

  • Torquay

  • Anglesea 

(Victoria, Australia)​

and on Zoom everywhere else


Retreats will be offered on Great Ocean Road VIC Australia ​

Shopping from almost everywhere!

Hydrangeas in Vase

Connection to land

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri and the Bunurong peoples as the traditional owners of the land on which we live and work and pay respect to their elders past, present and emerging. We recognise that this land that we work on was never ceded, and that it always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Who we serve

We serve diverse and inclusive community. We celebrate uniqueness of each one of us, and believe that this diversity creates the energy to elevate our society.

We are a community organisation with no religious affiliations. Our services are for all members of the community, regardless of religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, cultural background or economic circumstances.



We host Flowwa group workshop every week for individuals who'd like a new hobby or for groups that want to get together to share a great time.

Many people come on their own to our workshops and make new friends. 

If this is your first time, don't think too much about mental health, just join us for a relaxing and interesting art class where you'll learn about some Japanese culture.


You can join scheduled workshops, or you can contact us for a private (1:1 or group) session. 


Book our relaxing and joyous mindfulness art workshop for team-building, or cross-functional communication. 


Our allies work in a wide variety of professions; from other direct-care providers such as mental health providers, healthcare professionals, social workers and other wellness practitioners, to researchers, academics, educators and advocates. 

We host retreats, conferences and trainings for our allies with our aim to exchange the most up-to-date discoveries and cross-sector innovations, as well as to support one another. 

Contact us for our compassion-fatigue and burnout prevention programs. Try now during POST-COVID social reopening.

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