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Flower Arrangments Class

COVID fatigue? Readjustments to social life, workplaces, family dynamics? Amplified anxiety? Is it Depression? PTSD?


A little bit of you got comfortable in lockdowns and don't know how to change gears anymore? Or do you feel frustrated with the changes you see in people you know? 

How about an insightful but easy and gentle workshops to regain our authentic-self and energy within you?


It's time to plan your Post-COVID nature retreat. A lot of us have gone through changes alone during the pandemic.


Let's share a peaceful, insightful time together and support one another in finding the unique set of strengths each one of us has developed that'll help us towards our goals and dreams in the new world. 


Contact us to plan a customized retreat for an individual, a group of friends/family, school mates, teammates or corporate. 

Image by Diego PH

Change comes from our minds. 

That’s why we at Wisdom Within place mental wellness the highest priority in pursuit of social progress. 


Our creative professionals are ready to help promote your mission and message about mental health or social justice by planning and executing public events, community engagement, art installations, because art touches our hearts and connects our minds. That's a great way to create momentum for change. 

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