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Replacing fear with joy in your trauma-recovery journey 

Flowwa Workshops

What is  


Wisdom Within designed Flowwa Mindfulness Workshops based on the Japanese beliefs of symbiotic healing with nature and the self-discovery journeys achieved in meditative arts. 


In Flowwa Mindfulness Workshops, you'll learn Japanese flower arrangement techniques and meditative breath-work to help you explore and navigate your inner world.


While having fun and relaxation is a big part of the workshops, our main goal is to utilise evidence-based psychological mechanisms to improve your wellbeing.

Our Methods

Wisdom Within's workshops utilise evidence-based psychological mechanisms to assist participants' trauma healing process.


By observing the art they create, participants can slowly unravel their 'stuck points', gently interrupt and intervene with the mental 'loop' of trigger-and-response and take back the power to pave a new way forward.


The safe environment aims to help participants feel seen and heard. It is our hope to make Flowwa experience joyful and memorable for participants to strengthen the connection between triggers and the newly learnt positive and self-nourishing responses.

Purple Flower
Friends Talking Outside

What to expect?

Come alone, or with your friends!

Zero experience/knowledge needed about flower arrangement nor self-care!

Throughout the process, we will be sure to keep a safe and peaceful space, in which you will be taking gentle deep breaths, observing your feelings, all the while creating beautiful pieces of floral art that represents your creative-self.

Many people come on their own to our workshops and make new friends. 

What's in a name...?


Flowwa is an active mindfulness practice (as opposed to meditation for example.)


'Wa'  「和」 in Japanese means 'harmony'. This practice helps you find the natural 'Flow' within you that circulates and achieves harmony among your mind, body, soul (identity, intention, vision) and the earth/nature.  

'Wa', 「輪」when written in a different kanji, means 'circle'. It's a circle (or community) that assures a safe space in which we all belong equally, and produce something authentic, and progress without fear. 

'Wa', 「わ!」lastly, is the Japanese sound people make when they are pleasantly surprised. It's worth a try! 

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