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Fundraising for Ukraine 

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Fundraising for Ukraine
~ Happening Now! ~
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Your self-care here and now
funds PTSD care for Ukrainians

Flowwa.org is running a fundraising campaign in collaboration with organisations in Ukraine and Australia.

You can get a soothing, grounding self-care art-making session for yourself here in Australia (or anywhere on Zoom) and the proceed will go to Ukraine to fund art therapy for Ukrainian children for their war trauma.

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Details, Dates & Venues

Starting from April 2022, we are regularly hosting the fundraising events.

If you'd like to donate outside of the fundraising events, please donate here. You will receive a tax deduction for donations of $2 of more.


For volunteering with us or any extra help you can give in any way, please contact us or email info@flowwa.org


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Let's act now!

More about the Self-Care Art Session

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