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Work With Us

Want to join the social change momentum? If your vision for the world align with ours, there's always something we can do together.

Feel free to bring your project or an idea, we might be able to collaborate or provide resources or connect with like-minded people. 

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Bring Your Own 


You have a passion and clear vision but it's coming along slowly because you're working all by yourself? 


Team up with's artists, project managers, admin experts, sales and marketing, office assistants and volunteers to make your vision come to reality! 


You'll be the person who's going to be working on it and owning both the process and outcome. 


100% Remote. Work From Home

Flexible Hours. Part-Time



  • Office admin

  • Digital marketing

  • Project management


  • passion for social change, creative problem solvers

  • min 3 years of related experience 

  • ability to work without supervision

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Jobs in Wisdom Within Group 

  • Japanese - English Translators/Interpreters  

  • Ukraine cultural ambassadors  

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