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December 17th

Past Event

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Welcome Everybody!
We're throwing a 'all-you-can-experience' Multicultural Wellness Buffet,
where anyone can sample a wide range of cultural wellness activities in a style similar to all-you-can-eat buffet. 
This event is for everyone. 
You don't have to be vegan to enjoy this event. Wonderfully delicious food is here!
A wide range of diverse demography will gather here -humans of all generations, genders, beliefs and practices, just being curious about what we have in common! 
Kids friendly!
Bring all your friends and family! 
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Timetable is available at the festival. Pick it up at the Check-In. 

We hope you can come at the opening time at 11:30am,

as we are scheduling some featured activities to kick start the day! 

NOTE: The program contents may change in case the artists and cultural practitioners become unavailable. 

...and more! 
(Check back often as we add contents!)

Timetable is available at the festival. Pick it up at the Check-In. 

You can also download it from below.



Victorian. And proud of it. is Victoria's Multicultural Policy Statement. It sets out the Victorian Government’s ambition with a range of policies, programs and services that encourage every one of us to participate in a stronger, safer and more harmonious community. Everyone is free to be themselves and to feel safe in being true to themselves. The Government wants every Victorian to be able to celebrate their culture with pride and practice their traditions in peace.

LogoFFlowwa_edited.png is a survivor-led nonprofit organisation that runs mental wellness workshops, nature retreats and peer support groups. 


We are currently looking for participants to experience our flagship Flowwa workshops for 8 weeks to measure the effectiveness of mindfulness practices on our wellbeing. If you're interested, please inquire/contact: 


What is Flowwa Experience? 

View here: is rooted in the Japanese belief that honours nature and that humans are equal residents of this planet shared among all creatures of nature. Therefore, when we look within ourselves, we're connecting to the wisdom of nature.

Become a Sponsor

Your VIP PASS will include; 


Flowwa Workshop


(for you)

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Donation for social justice advocacy

(for community)


Donation to local community organisers

(for community)


Gift Voucher

(for you)

Learn more and get a VIP PASS!

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Are you an Social Media Influencer? 

Get in touch to become an Instagram, Facebook, TicTok, YouTube ambassador to promote our important social causes and help us connect with one another more meaningfully. 

DM us on Instagram: @flowwa__japanese_art_therapy


Become a member Artist Upgrading Social Norms (AUSN) with us! 

Are you expressive? creative? curios? 

Want to use your creativity for a social cause?

You don't need to be a professional artist. 

Find your ikigai here with members of Artists Upgrading Social Norms (AUSN) Inc.

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Event Management

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This event is managed by Artists Upgrading Social Norms (AUSN) INC.

AUSN INC. is part of whose member artists produce festivals, events and exhibitions. 


A message from AUSN INC.


We want to inject joy and excitement in advocacy and public education. Our creative professionals are ready to help promote important missions and social causes by planning and executing public events, community engagement, art installations, because art connects our minds and spread visions for better future.


Why do we focus on producing fun events to promote fairer society?

Shared joyful feeling creates trust, and nurtures collective courage to step up.

Are you a nonprofit organisation looking for an event producer for your cause? 

Are you an artist or do you like to express yourself artistically? 

Join us!

Click here for more about us.

Exhibiting Artists

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