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Flowwa is a meditative art practice derived from Ikebana, Japanese tradition, and evolved with western psychology

Flowwa Mindfulness Workshop uses Japanese flower arrangement techniques and meditative breath-work to help one explore and discover oneself, nurture their inner-strength and find joy in creating new reality.

Mindfulness Workshops

About Us 

Wisdom Within is the registered Not-For-Profit organisation that runs Flowwa mindfulness workshops among other mental wellness programs using art and creativity. We provide an experiential art space for life transformations.


We are giving all proceeds from our activities (mindfulness workshops, art classes, product sales) until the end of July 2022 to mental health support under 2 initiatives;

1. Prevent PCSD! (Post-COVID Stress Disorder)

2. Art therapy for Ukrainian children


Our organisation's origin story is ever more true now - "Healing happens in community." We appreciate your support for community rebuilding.


No art sense, no experience needed! Just come have fun!

These are some examples of what you'll make in Flowwa workshops.


“I felt very relaxed after the workshop and

would be happy to do on a regular basis.”


Ellen 2020


"Such a sensory delight to unpack that beautiful

box of supplies (Wisdom Within Starter Kit)

It made me feel nurtured.”

K.M. 2020

"Positive, calming, encouraging

atmosphere in the group"


Sarah 2020

"Serene and Peaceful"


R.R. 2020

"Participating in this workshop brought me back from a state of heightened tension/sustained adrenalin to a gently focussed self-awareness. "

Karen 2020


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