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Flowwa Participant Interviews ...1

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Flowwa Experience:

What do the participants say?

August 2022, Australia

We met wonderful people at Flowwa Bar Afterwork Social at Natural History Public Bar, Melbourne.


Why did you come to Flowwa Bar tonight?

It's our first date. My date suggested it and it looked nice. She's been to one before. I didn't really know what it was going to be, but I was open to trying something new!

Do you practice Mindfulness?

Yes, I do. Mostly breathing. I'm also studying psychology at a university. Work can be stressful and I find mindful breathing helpful to reduce stress.

Flowwa workshops promote mindfulness in everyday situations. We don't need to wait till we go somewhere special, a retreat, a class or Shinrinyoku, we can practice mindfulness at home everyday!

What do you like about your Flowwa bottle?

The colours and they shine in the clear oil under the light. It looks nice against the dark background! The oil reflects various types of lights differently and creates variety of ambiene.

Yes! And wait until you bring it in the sunlight. It will have a new look against sunshine too.

Flowers in Flowwa bottles are not just pretty to look at. It invites you to the idea of 'active' mindfulness - hold it in your hand, turn it gently under different types of light, catch how they change in moments. Focusing on a simple act like this is a gateway to calmness, awareness, gratitude, and so much more. Once you know how to gain this 'stillness' within you, anytime, anywhere, you have entered your journey into empowerment. A Flowwa bottle is a reminder that a simple moment you take for your inner-peace is nothing special. You'll discover that you already know how to do it.

Where will you keep this Flowwa Bottle at home?

In my bedroom!


Why did you come to Flowwa Bar tonight?

I wanted to do something creative. I was scrolling through activities to do after work on Eventbrite and invited my colleagues from work. We arranged to finish work early so we can all get here at 6pm.


How did you enjoy the art making process?

It was frustrating and relaxing!

Opal & Dion:

How did you enjoy this event?

5 stars!

I really enjoyed it! Thank you :)

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