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EVENT INFO: Mindfulness & Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs' peer-support using creativity and mindfulness to boost confidence and navigating through uncertainties of startup

No art skills needed! Location: Brunswick Business Incubator 420 Victoria Street Brunswick, VIC 3056 Australia

Time: We'll be back in November 2022!!

About this event: Mindfulness & Self-Care for Entrepreneurs is a peer-support group for entrepreneurs and innovative minds. We meet up for mindfulness practices using art and creativity in safe, relaxed, intimate small groups, in comfy clothes, getting down on the floor, getting comfortable with our big dreams, our strengths and our inner-truth that motivate us. After a fun and insightful art-making process, you'll walk out with clarity, confidence and confirmation that you are supported in your endeavour.

It's suitable for any entrepreneur, innovator and disruptor in all industries for exploring, experimenting, discovering, crystallizing and communicating their originality, their visions, their unique take on solving problems.

You don't have to be an artist. It's all about mindfulness - drawing attention to self. We hope you'll enrich yourself though trying out varieties of self-care, self-growth daily practices. We offer series of Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs art-making workshops designed with traditional Japanese wisdom and philosophy of mastery. Creative process is known to help restore decision-making skills in addition to reveal our internal needs and wants.

Starting up gets busy, but it's a good idea to take time to understand your unique entrepreneurial style which will become the most reliable asset in your business.

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