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Flowwa Local Arts & Culture Discovery Events

1st EVENT featuring...
Jewel Envy 

Gillian Batcher, Founder and innovator 
Shafiq Sarwari, goldsmith

Flowwa is where you make new friends!

Come by yourself and make new friends here! 

Let’s get together after work to explore our beloved city and discover and celebrate unique, independent, creative practitioners that make Toronto vibrant.


Independent, creative businesses and artists are key pieces of the cultural fabric of a city’s identity. Often, these creative practitioners absorb what the city offers and express their interpretations through their work.

When we visit a new destination, we tend to check out the local artisans and cultural practices to enhance our travel experiences. But when we’re home, it’s too easy to just buy things online or from big chains. We could be missing out on gems in our own city!

So, I’m going to organise a series of after-work social (and drinks!!) events for anyone who wants to discover and celebrate unique creative members of Toronto. It’s a great event to come by yourself and make new friends.


Let's share fun and inspiring experiences together!

Image by Victoria Berman

October 20th, 2023, 7-9 PM

Jewel Envy
151 Marion St, Toronto, ON M6R 1E6 

It's free for anyone to attend. Please do register, though, so we can prepare snacks and drinks accordingly :) 

Special features:

  • Special Intro by Gillian, the founder of Jewel Envy 

  • Artist Show & Tell - 8PM - Shafiq Sarwari, goldsmiths

  • Giveaway - "Guess the Genuine Diamond" - if you guess which one is the genuine diamond among simulants, the diamond is yours!!!

  • Guess the Genuine Diamond game runs all night

Bring all your friends and support local businesses and artists :)

Any inquiries?

The fastest way to contact Kerry from Flowwa is to DM her on Instagram.

Instagram: @flowwa__japanese_art_therapy

Email : 

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