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Report: Multicultural Wellness Festival

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Letter to Flowwa Friends (staff & collaborators)

(Festival was held: on 2022/12/17 Sat, Melbourne, URL:

Hello Flowwa Friends!

Thank you for your awesome work on Multicultural Wellness Buffet 2022! It couldn’t have happened without you. I’m grateful this event has brought us together. We are a great team of enthusiastic, creative, focused and skilful people that can bring an idea to life with a bang!

Multicultural Wellness Buffet was a great success!

This was a public event open to anyone. We intentionally avoided targeting specific audience groups, which resulted in a broad spectrum of festival visitors from small children, students to elderly (70+), gender and ethnic variety.

We had fantastic responses from festival visitors.

  • More than 20% of all the festival visitors who answered our survey signed up to volunteer with us next time.

  • 38% of the participants who answered said they wanted to use their creativity for social change and wanted to learn from AUSN what they can do.

  • This showcases how much our offering is in demand and resonates with the everyday community members. We’ve gathered a great enthusiastic and engaged crowd that could lead to more citizen-led social change activities for diversity and inclusion.

The satisfaction scores for the festival by all participants who answered fell between 80-100%. We saw that a lot of the attendees left the event with a renewed sense of empowerment, purpose and resourcefulness to take part in rebuilding our community from ground up post-pandemic.

The festival was a sign that we are in a momentum. I had to turn down more than 20 vendor requests from local artists and businesses who wanted to showcase their work. About 200 participants rapidly signed up in the last 2 weeks leading to the event. It grew a lot larger than my initial plan! Let's keep this momentum going by continuing hosting community engagement programs!

Watch this 1 min Festival Movie:

Watch this Festival Movie including our Opening Speech by Moon. This explains a little further about our innovative ways to create safe space for violence survivors.


Flowwa’s point of view is that the survivors are not only inspirational stories of human abilities but, after their recovery and healing, they often actively play key roles in driving social change based on their first-hand knowledge of the structural power imbalance fostering the modern day social issues. Their own experiences of successfully breaking free from their situations often give them the skillsets to lead the change for many others.

Contact us for more info about what you can do to make the society safer and inclusive of violence and trauma survivors.

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