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Melbourne's multicultural artists

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Multicultural Wellness Buffet 2022 showcases some of Melbourne's multicultural artists.

Luka Va

Luka Va is from a little country in North Europe called Lithuania. Since she can remember she was doodling. City cats on a window sills, people of Vilnius. Doodling has later transformed into passion and career in graphic design. But move to Australia changed everything. When the 4th generation city dweller meets wild life (ok, it might have only been a feisty possum) in the middle of the urban street, magic happens. That's how her label "Surfing Sloth" was born. Luka's cheerful, bright and quirky illustrations celebrate city lifestyle and its proximity to nature. The combination that only Australia has got to offer.

Illustrator Luka Va and her label "Surfing Sloth" is in a business of matching you with your spiritual animal. Chances are you don't even know you have it. But do a test, go through her colourful illustrations and make a mental note of what makes you smile or even giggle. Here you have it. You've been matched. Now take it home and be reminded of not to take your life too seriously.

Anna Madyarova

Anna Madyarova is a Russian-born founder of eto YA* studio. It offers thoughtful services and gifts that strive to spread love, beauty and promote the feeling of home and belonging. They are inspired by music, art, fashion, travel, fascinating world cultures and people, and the sense of self-realisation brought by the process of creation.

Every individual is unique, so are our gifts and artwork: a scarf that makes you feel like you are by the fireplace, warm and cosy; an artwork that speaks to you; a styling session that facilitates connection to yourself. eto YA*... this is me!

eto YA* is translated ‘this is me’ in russian.

Ivan Evans

Ivaylo Ivantchev aka Ivan Evans. Finished Academy of Fine Arts- Sofia, Bulgaria, major Graphic Arts. Worked in the area of illustration, graphic art, animation, storyboard and concept design for the last 32 years. Based in Melbourne.

AUSN Member

Anonymous (Member ID#008)

more artists from ausn inc.

Flowwa has a collective of solo-artists within our organization called Artists Upgrading Social Norms (AUSN) INC. whose member artists produce festivals, events and exhibitions that create social momentum on important modern day social issues.

Want to use creativity for social change? Join us!

You don't need to be a professional artist. In our view, anyone who is willing to solve complex issues creatively, or who can present the world from their unique point of view, or who can simply just make someone smile is already an artist. develops and plans festivals/events/exhibitions/presentations where solo-artists can gather and use their skills and talent to inform and educate the public on important social issues in creative, engaging and empowering ways. We provide job opportunities for artists as well as the experience of working in a dynamic, collaborative team environment.

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